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Corporate Wellness Packages

Corporate Wellness Packages

We recognize that health and wellbeing is threatened not only by illness but also by workplace stress, insecurities, and general dissatisfaction with self or others. A 2005 study in the USA indicates that companies lost USD 9 Billion (Rs. 40,317 Crore) in 2005, to unwell employees. They also lost 14% of their annual working days i.e., more than 51 working days in a year due to illness in their work force.( WHO Estimates, Times of India, September 13, 2007 ) Significantly, a report reveals that 2% of a corporation's capital spent on the workforce is lost due to disability, absenteeism and under par performance. (Working Towards Wellness - an Indian perspective, Price waterhouse coopers)

Corporate leaders need to be made to recognize that wellness programs are investments in the company. And made to realize the importance of investing in a healthy workforce.

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